Contento Trade (see the organization chart) was born in 1987 thanks to a group of researchers coordinated by Mrs Maria Pia Contento. 

Initially, the company operated mainly as a research center in the environmental field, developing new systems for recycling, reuse and valorization of the industrial waste. It also carried out researches on new materials for the building industry. 

The  company’s structure is subdivided in four operative units that work independently to insure an optimal management of the reserved information: 

Over the years, our company continued to operate successfully in the research sector, registering various patents and participating in its realization by organizing research programs and developing projects at the EU level. A course of this activity is documented in the Projects section of this web-site.

Starting from the moment of its foundation, our company carried out numerous research projects for the external companies. This usually implied resolving specific technological issues most commonly related to the production-related wastes treatment and valorization. Contento Trade obtained excellent results in this sector and an invaluable experience in problem solving concerning many types of waste recycling. A report on the wastes treatment typology and the reference list could be found in the Production section of this web-site.

From 1999 our company is included in the list of the reliable laboratories by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and entrusted with the execution of various researches financed in accordance with the article 14 of the Law 593/2000. Any company registered in Italy can get a refund of up to 50% to sustain the expenses for the research carried out in our laboratories.

The company is registered with the National Research Registry Office under the fallowing number: 

Our technological innovation sector is divided in two production units that participate in the industrial processes and plant engineering development. Its main goal is to create the technologies needed for balancing the manufacturers’ commercial interests with the environmental matters.

Contento Trade srl is a member of:
  • Register of Experts in Technological innovation of the "Global Subsudy CEE POP Campania"
  • Register RENAVAL (Innovation of Triveneto)
  • Register of Experts of Research Area of Trieste
  • Register for the consultants of the LEADER II Program (in Friuli Venezia Giulia region)
Contento Trade srl is a promoter of:
  • AISCRIS (Italian Consultant Association for the Research , Innovation and Development)
  • UNI (Italian Norms Union)
Contento Trade is a member of the following working groups for the UNI norms:
  • UNI Working Group U960007 Mortars
  • UNI Working Group U960008 Aggregates
Contento Trade participates in the following platforms:
  • iPoCH 2 - Italian Cultural Heritage platform (Confindustria's Innovative and technological services unit and MIUR)
  • National Technological Platform “Italian Food for Life” (Federalimentare initiative)
  • Suschem -  Italian Platform for Sustainable Chemistry
  • MIUR - Alliance for Materials Italy - A4Mit
  • Knowledge Innovation Community 'Raw Materials'
  • European Innovation Partnership, Raw Materials Commitments
  • CTTC - Technical Committee on Contaminated Sites
  • BioHighTech companies of Friuli Venezia Giulia region
Contento Trade Srl is registered in the List of Consultants by Umbria, Puglia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions.
Contento Trade Srl is recognised as Life cycle assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) expert.



Accredited laboratory for applied research in other natural sciences and engineering (upd.10/7/2015):