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Taastrup (DK)

Phone +45 7220 2220 - Fax +45 7220 2373

Contact person : Mette Glavind

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is situated close to Copenhagen in Denmark and in Århus. The history of DTI dates back to 1906. DTI is staffed by approximately 1100 persons, making it on the five largest institutions of its kind in Europe.

The objective of the Institute is to enhance the competiveness of the Danish industry and social progress through business development, technological development and technology transfer especially to SMEs.

Division of Building Technology is one out of five divisions. The division covers the full range of service for the building and construction industry, including areas such as:
  • Materials 
  • Environment and cleaner technology 
  • Codes and standards 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Maintenance 
  • A wide range of testing and certification 

The present research group has activities going on in the following working fields relevant to the project:
  • Consultancy and research on life cycle assessment 
  • Development of commercial software programmes 
  • Consulting in implementing quality assurance systems at concrete plants 
  • Daily consultancy for concrete producers (with regard to all kinds of problems) 
  • Participation in a national project aiming to develop design rules for the air void structure in concrete. The project is carried out in cooperation with a Danish concrete producer 
  • Participation in European and Danish Standardization work on concrete 
  • Consulting Oresundkonsortiet (Owner of Bridge and Tunnel from Denmark to Sweden) to determine the requirements of the concrete. This work includes statistic techniques and conformity criteria. 
  • Research activities on the set-up of guidelines for estimating concrete workability on the basis of the packing of the aggregates. 
  • Optimization of concrete mixes with regard to durability and production properties. 

In the project, DTI will contribute in the field of concrete technology, life cycle assessment, software programming and cleaner technologies. Furthermore, DTI will contribute on translating research results into practical applicable results for the concrete producers.

Finally, DTI will have the project management.


Bergamo (IT)

Phone ++39 035 4126382 - Fax ++39 035 4126013

Contact person : Giovanni Di Mauro

Italcementi is the Italian leader cement producer with a personnel of about 5200 people.

In 1992 Italcementi accomplished its internalisation through the acquisition of Ciments Français, one of the largest cement producers in the world.

In 1997 Italcementi achieved its downstream integration through the acquisition of Calcestruzzi, thus becoming leader in the market for ready-mixed concrete in Italy.

Italcementi Group is an industrial group with a staff of over 17.000 people and a worldwide presence in 13 countries.

Its core business, cement (over 60% of sales) is combined with a strategy of integrating ready-mixed concrete and aggregates.

Italcementi Group accounts for over 5.800 bn Lit (3.018 millions of Euro) annual sales.

So far, Italcementi SpA has signed several E.U. projects within different programmes (Brite/Euram, Environment and Climate, Life, Measurement and Testing); it is currently involved in 5 projects.

Since 1994 the knowledge and specialized skills of the already existing technical centres of Italcementi and Ciments Français have merged into CTG, the Group Technical Centre.

The main activity of CTG consists in providing services to either parent company: product research and development, design and production of industrial facilities and technical support for all Group's cement plants.

With 432 people employed, the Company, headquartered in Bergamo (Italy), has two operating units, one based in Bergamo and the other in Guerville, France. The main departments are three: Engineering, Technology, Research & Development.

The CTG's R&D Department and Laboratories, resulting from the union of the former R&D laboratories of Italcementi (with over 60 years' experience ) and Ciments Français, have a total staff of 177 shared between Bergamo and Guerville.

Thirty per cent out of the total are involved in research activities whereas the remaining staff carry out analyses, controls and evaluation of materials, mostly cementitious ones.

Among the people involved in this project are managers and technicians with over 30 years experience in the field of cementitious materials. They are authors and co-authors of technical and scientific papers.


Athens (GR)

Phone ++30 1 66660623 - Fax ++30 1 6666678

Contact person : Athena Kourteli

PREMIX S.A. was formed in 1968 as a construction company executing major construction projects in Greece and Saudi Arabia.

The company owns two concrete production plants with an annual production capability of 600.000 m3.

The range of products and services offered by PREMIX S.A. have expanded since 1992 with the production of a variety of pre-fab concrete products and the design and supply of steel reinforcement.

Since 1991 PREMIX S.A. is the second biggest company in production volume in Greece.

PREMIX S.A. is aiming at increasing its share to the Greek market and penetrate the European, African and Middle East markets. This will be achieved through continuous upgrading and development of products, keeping the highest quality standards.

Finally, the experience of Mr Nick Kourtelis, the managing director of PREMIX S.A. who is also President of the Hellenic Association of Concrete Producers will be valuable for the evaluation of both the Monitoring devices and the Production Control System.

PREMIX S.A. will contribute to the project on the data collection of concrete manufacturing and other component raw materials than cement, execution of life cycle assessment and development and testing of cleaner technologies for concrete manufacturing.


Worden (NL)

Phone ++31 3 48435120 - Fax ++31 3 48435111

Contact person : Katie Willems

The history of the company goes back to the year 1832, when the company Van Hattum was founded: It undertook dredging as well as civil and marine works.

The first overseas contract, involving excavation works for the Panama Canal, was signed in 1884.

Over the years the company joined forces with several other Dutch contracting companies, which led in 1978 to the formation of Royal Volker Stevin nv, at present one of the leading Dutch contracting groups, employing more than 9,600 people.

The Group's operating companies working in some 30 countries, are active in the following fields:

  • Civil engineering
  • Road and asphalt works
  • Pipelines
  • Building and warehouses
  • Offshore works
  • Building construction
  • Various specialist disciplines.

Early in 1987, the roads and civil engineering companies decided to integrate activities and resources and to operate jointly under the name of Volker Stevin Construction International.

This company operates exclusively outside The Netherlands as a general contractor, but it maintains a close relationship with the other operating companies, particularly with the homebased Civil Engineering Divisions.

In early 1992 Volker Stevin Construction International joined forces with the home-based civil engineering company Van Hattum en Blankevoort B.V. of Woerden. The activities abroad within Europe are now being undertaken by the operating company Volker Stevin Construction Europe B.V.

Volker Stevin Construction Europe undertakes any kind of civil engineering works and operates outside The Netherlands. The typical of civil engineering works are:

  • Immersed tunnels
  • Bridges, flyovers and underpasses
  • Land-based and marine foundation works
  • Diaphragm walls, grout anchors and chemical injections
  • Quay walls, block walls, dolphins, jetties and jetty heads
  • Railway stations, housing projects
  • Industrial complexes
  • Concrete gravity-base structures (for offshore works).

In the project Volker Stevin will contribute to the data collection of construction and rebuilding/extension, operation and maintenance and demolition and disposal of concrete buildings and constructions, execution of life cycle assessments and development and testing of cleaner technologies for construction and rebuilding/extension operation and maintenance and demolition and disposal of buildings and constructions.


Cophenaghen (DK)

Phone ++45 3374 7747 - Fax ++45 3374 7702

Contact person : Svend Rottig

The Danish Concrete Element Association is formed by Danish factories manufacturing concrete elements. The DCEA is an associated member of the Danish Association Of Contractors and was founded in 1958.

The aim of the DCEA is among others to increase the use of concrete elements and to increase the quality of concrete elements.

Membership of the association implies membership of the Danish Control Organization For Concrete Elements or an accredited product certification system.

41 SME companies are member of DCEA. They represent all together approximately 3.300 employees.

The DCEA will contribute to the project on the data collection of concrete manufacturing and manufacturing of other component raw materials than cement and development and testing of cleaner technologies for concrete manufacturing.


Aalborg (DK)

Phone ++45 9816 7777 - Fax ++45 9816 4741

Contact person : Jesper Damtoft

Aalborg Portland A/S is the sole manufacturer of Portland cement and Portland cement based products in Denmark with a production capacity of more than 2.5 million tonnes of cement per year. The company was established in 1889 and has a high reputation for high quality products which are sold both domesticly and internationally in more than a hundred countries. AaP has been concerned about environmental matters, related to the internal environment as well as to the external environment, and huge investments have been spent on treating of releases and energy reducing equipment, especially during the last ten years.

Aalborg Portland is presently active in three projects under the Brite Euram II programme being the project coordinator in two of them. To present project Aalborg Portland will involve staff members from its departments for Environment and for Research & Development (Cement and Concrete Laboratory).

Aalborg Portland will contribute to the project on the data collection of cement- and concrete manufacturing and development and testing of cleaner technologies for cement manufacturing.


Tessaloniki (GR)

Phone ++30 31 282528 - Fax ++30 31 283725

Contact person : Charis Demoulias

Alteren is a consulting firm providing services both to the public and the private sector in the field of Energy & Environmental Analysis and Planning. The company was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece by engineers experienced in sustainable energy technologies and systems such as the energy conservation in industry and buildings, the application of renewable energy sources, the reduction of environmental impacts of the technology and the advance of new technologies at industry, agriculture and residence.

For the realisation of the previous aims Alteren uses any possibility provided by Greek Development Laws and European Union Development & Technological Programmes.

The members and collaborators of Alteren with their activities both in the private and public sectors and at the University have the necessary experience for the quality of the services they will be invited to present.

Alteren offers professional services to the private and public sector by making design studies and applications in the following areas:

  • Promotion of renewable energy sources exploitation in:
  • Solar thermal energy systems;
  • Wind power systems;
  • Geothermal energy;
  • Biomass.
  • Energy and environmental inventories;
  • Energy conservation;
  • Substitution of energy forms;
  • Natural gas penetration;
  • Environmental management systems
  • Eco-Audits;
  • Eco-Design;
  • Eco-Controlling.
  • Environmental applications
  • Waste disposal;
  • Waste treatment.
  • Optimisation and re-design of industrial products
  • Laboratory design for the quality management and quality assurance standards;
  • Application of E.L.O.T. (Hellenic Organisation for Standardisation) standards or international rules for product design.
  • Training courses.

In the project Alteren will contribute with knowledge on development of the life cycle assessment model, development of guidelines for data collection and development of cleaner technologies.


Geldermalsen (NL)

Phone ++31 (0)345 585170 - Fax ++31 (0)345 585171

Contact Person : Joep Meijer

Intron is a research organisation, partner of the TAUW Mileu group, which activities are research and consultancy, quality certificates and measurement results.

Intron is specialized, among others, in LCA of building materials of which concrete in particulat. LCA and recycling activities in the environmental department.

Intron conducts LCAs and is involved in several national policy studies in this field. Together with the materilas department, several studies on recycling of concrete and ue of secondary materials in concrete are carried out. Intron will contribute in the project in the field of LCA, software and cleaner technologies (especially recycling and secondary materials).

Intron has the policy to extent her LCA activities to other EU countries in future years. The result of this project will be used to build up an international network.


Catania (IT)

Phone ++39 095 7489243 - Fax ++39 095 291246

Contact person : Gaetano Condorelli

Conphoebus is a no-profit research consulting company, established in 1979, supplying testing, researches, studies and specialised service in the field of renowable energies and rational use of resources.

ENEL SpA (Italian Electic Energy Company) controls 53% of Conphoebus shares through CISA and CESI, directly controlled research companies. ENEL is a producer of residuals (coal, flyashes etc.) used in the concrete industry , both for cement and aggregate production. Conphoebus presently employs 89 persons including 48 graduates and 38 technicians.

Its activities can be grouped in four main areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Rational use of energy
  • New technologies for the environment
  • Training and technology transfer

Conphoebus performs advanced bio climatic design activities: has designed the new EREDO Egyptian Renewable Energy Development Organisation Centre in Cairo, residential buildings in Jamaica, non residential units in Kenya. Is specialised in Mediterranian bio climatic solutions and innovative HVAC plant design, both for new and exisiting buildings.

An experimental testing activity has been performed in the area of building envelope components outdoor characterisation using test cells, four of which developed in the frame of th CEC PASSYS project and three of its own design. Conphoebus, in collaboration with ENEL, is the only Italian centre member of the PASSYS group, including 10 identical facilities in different EU Member States.

Conphoebus , in the area of advanced environmental technologies coordinates a Brite Euram project on the development of fast response electrochomic devices on polymeric substrate (FREDOPS), suitable for smart-window applications. Coordinates another Brite Euram project on advanced building material obtained by recycling hazardous wastes and fly ashes (RECBUILD) and an Environmental project on municipal solid waste incinerator fly ash recycling (ASHREC).

At present Conphoebus is involved in more than 20 UE funded projects. Conphoebus will contribute to collection of data and energy and cleaner technologies of aggregates and other component raw material as cement, construction, operation, maintenance, demolition and waste treatment/recycling in South Italy.


Terenzano (IT)

Phone ++39 0432 562665 - Fax ++39 0432 562649

Contact person : Flavio Cioffi

Contento Trade srl was born in 1987 for initiative of a team connected with researchers coordinated by Mrs Contento. At first, the firm was primarly a research centre operating in the environment field, based on the individuation and the pateting of new recycling systems, industrial waste re-use and exploitation, research af new industrial materials.

At present, Contento Trade's activities are subdivided among the sectors of research, trial and analysis, services to firms.

Contento Trade's research sector has achieved good results, ahving filed several patents and begun their exploitation through the participation to several Community research projects. Examples: Eureka EU 220, Eureka EU 1176, Brite "Recbuild", Brite "Valorisation of PbZn smelters slag", the Joint Research Proposal "The utilisation of industrial waste in motor road fundation", Leonardo "Nemesi", etc.

Contento Trade, moreover, supplies a service promoting and developing the results of European research with Italian enterprises, helping them to carry out Community research projects, especially as regards Italian-French partnership.

As concern the sector of service to enterprises, Contento Trade is enrolled in the Italian register as expert in technological innovation, within the global subsidy program "EC POP Campania". Contento Trade has carried out check up on different companies and presented the relative projects, as described below.

During 1994 Contento Trade has held a follow up course on eco balance procedures in Udine, with the collaboration of ENEA; this course has been repeated in Rome during 1995, in the ANPA main offices.

Contento Trade will contribute to collection of data and cleaner technologies on aggregate and other component raw materials as cement, construction, operation, maintenance, demolition and waste treatment/recycling in North and Central Italy.