Right from the start, Contento Trade functioned as a research lab, focusing on the applied research for the industrial waste recycling.

These activities allowed Contento Trade to register a series of patents and develop a series of know-hows for the various processes and plants. Using this accumulated knowledge and expertise, the company now can offer its clients a complete waste valorization service package.

Our expertise cover various industrial fields (from agro-industrial to metallurgical). Our research laboratories are fully equipped to carry out chemical, physical, mechanical and biological tests.

Below you can find some of our projects:

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BRITE RECBUILD waste valorization and recovery, new materials advanced construction materials obtained recycling cinders and toxic wastes 1997 
BRITE SILEX waste valorization and recovery the aim is the reutilization of the main constituent elements from cinders of coal so that they could be used for manufacture of high quality products 2002 
BRITE SMELTERS metallurgy, waste valorization and recovery the aim of the project is to identify the most suitable applications for the features of the slags of primary fusion of lead and zinc. 1997 
BRITE TESCOP building, new technologies Cleaner Technology Solutions in the Life Cycle of Concrete Product 2000 
CRAFT ASBESTOS building, new technologies the main aims of this project are the treatment and the processing of asbestos waste into products which are similar to a natural stone 2004 
CRAFT SUBSTRATE agro-industry the project plans the production of a new substrate made by compost (produced with agricultural waste) and fibrous agricultural waste 2003 
CRAFT WEST wood preservation wood exploitation by Using Starch Impregnation and D.I.C. Technology 2000 
ECSC HIVALUE waste valorization and recovery the project aims to the treatment of gasification by-products, so that the waste-dump could be avoided 2005 
EUREKA EU1176 waste valorization and recovery the project is aimed to the production of ceramic granulates through the use of mud and compact tanning residues as raw materials 2000 
EUREKA EU220 building, new technologies processing for the consolidation of materials in the fields of road construction and construction, through the optimization of natural processes: diagenesis and laterisation 1995 
INNOVATION DIC agro-industry the project is based on the use of DIC technology in industrial field, so it could be possible to obtain a product of a high quality and a low cost through drying processes and debacterizations 2001 
LEONARDO ECOCOMPTE environmental education the project is based on the training of professional figures in environmental field, who could be able to use a tool as the eco-balance 1997 
LEONARDO NEMESI environmental education  the project enables the spread of the professional profile of an expert on eco-balance and on environmental audit, which could be introduced in consulting firms and in manufacturing industries 1997 
LIFE LAW recupero e valorizzazione rifiuti, nuovi materiali waste valorization and recovery, new materials 2000 
LIFE TERPENE agro-industry extraction of terpen and other high-value products from orange peels 1999 
LIFE WBRM waste valorization and recovery waste based reinforcing materials 2001 
NETWORK PROGRESS waste valorization and recovery the project aims to develop innovative products and to reutilize all the compounds of worth from raw materials 2002 
RAFFAELLO ARKè wood preservation the project involves the reutilization and preservation of the archaeology of sunken boat, and it aims to promote the European cultural patrimony of this field 1998 
RAFFAELLO HOW wood preservation in addition to archaeology of sunken boats, the project plans the European new archaeologies in marine field 1999 
NETWORK ETN RECY waste valorization and recovery the project is linked to the building areas and the aim is to convert a considerable mass of wastes into workable resources 2002 
IRMA (City of the future) waste valorization and recovery buildings, structures and materials decontamination and integrated restoring of the urban environment 2007 
LIFE COSMOS waste valorization and recovery this project plans the production of COSMOS filter and intends inactivated flying cinders reuse 2013 
EUROSTARS REOP environmental clean-up Organic pollutants removal from the soils using Instantaneous Controlled Decompression 2012 
NEW LAW waste valorization and recovery industrial waste treatment and utilization. expanded and sintered ceramic aggregates and electric energy production 2013 
R.M.T. - Research on waste valorization waste valorization study of possibility of black smelting slag reuse in concrete and other products for construction 2014 
ALFAPRO-1 agro-industry exploiting and valorizing alfalfa outside of the livestock industry ongoing 
Calcina Iniziative Ambientali research waste separation, innovative processes development of innovative process for waste separation 2016 
Fogal Refrigeration energy efficiency Optimization of refrigerating systems to be used in open refrigerating units for Fogal Refrigeration 2015 
LIFE COSMOS-RICE waste valorization and recovery colloidal silica medium to obtain safe inert from rice husk ash 2016 
LIFE Sustainable cruise naval, waste management increasing waste management efficiency on board  2014 
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