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Contento Trade analyses open up a new prospective

posted 16 Jan 2014, 03:28 by Unknown user
Sustainable Cruise Newsletter:

As testimony that waste is increasingly considered to be a resource, Sustainable Cruise is adding an ambitious new objective to those already established: to demonstrate how a quality “product” can be obtained from the treatment of bio-waste and can be reused on board the ship or resold on the market.

This hypothesis, already shown in part by Contento Trade, which used its laboratories to analyze water samples directly from the shipboard pulper, the system from which all the bio-waste is transported and linked in turn to the turbo-dryer.

Thanks to special centrifugal machinery (DIC), it will be possible to separate the various elements making up this type of water: oil, light liquid, water and dry food waste.

Oil, which represents 1.9% of the total, may be reused depending on the following two hypotheses evaluated in the project: mixing the substance obtained to the ship’s fuel or offloading it and selling it on the market.

Clearly, in order to understand if and how it is possible to exploit this new product it is necessary to perform further tests on water samples and above all verify the correspondence between the product and the relative national and European legislation in force.

In any case, this involves an important result that offers “Sustainable Cruise” yet another element of innovation.