Foxy plants

Foxy is an acronym for a new generation of extraction systems developed for the DIC process. It guaranties enhanced variability and the possibility to be easily converted for different extracts production.

Foxy plant standard includes the following components:

  • The accumulating silo where the product is being stored before treatment. The products is loaded and pre-humidified;
  • The cochlea that carries out the automatic raw material dosage into the treatment chamber;
  • The treatment camera divided in three subchambers: the one that communicates with the vacuum reserve, the other – with the load section, and the third that communicates with the discharge section.
  • One or more systems for the product conditioning process application (i.e. vapour generator, compressor, etc.)
  • The vacuum reserve equipped with the system for creating the necessary internal pressure level.
  • The exhausted product removing hopper where the product is discharged expecting farther treatment.
  • The extracts collecting silo, refrigerated to guarantee the product preservation.

The material is transferred automatically in the plant’s different sections; it is moved by the cochlea and the squashing piston that is integrated in the treatment chamber.

The squashing piston use decrease the need for the valves to open rapidly and minimise and facilitate the maintenance process.

The system of air locked refrigerating is integrated in the vacuum reserve that permits the extracts instant condensation and facilitate the cleaning process in case of changing the product type.

The Foxy plants differ according to the chamber treatment capacity (productive capacity) and automation level.

The plants are intended for fixed or mobile installations.

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