Impianti DIC

The DIC process needs particular plants to be applied, both for the desiccation/texturisation and for the debacterization.

The DIC standard plant has the following main components:
  • a treatment chamber, called reactor, with system for the application of the conditioning process;
  • a vacuum tank with a a volume definitely superior to the treatment chamber one, provided with system for the creation of needed vacuum level inside.
These two components are connected with a quick opening valve that allow an instantaneous decompression of the product.

The standard plant must be completed with systems for the charging/discharging of the treatment chamber, with control systems, with safety systems, etc.

Different types of reactor have been developed to face the different needs of the products treatable with the DIC process, as:
  • Static reactors suitable for the discontinuous treatment of fragile products;
  • Dynamic reactors for the continuous treatment of resistant products;
  • Auto-blocking reactors for the semi- continuous treatment of fragile or voluminous products;
  • Cyclic reactors for the treatment of thermo labile products.
These reactors are available in different sizes, suitable for any productive exigency (ex: hot air desiccation lines) or can be produced completed with desiccation line or debacterization line planned ad hoc.