Impianti LAW

The LAW plants are integrated systems composed by two main sections:
  • raw material processing;
  • rotating ovens.
The section of the raw processing is based on the thin layer turbo technology for the homogenization and the shaping of waste mixtures in granules and micro granules.

The obtained granules are then sent to the rotating ovens where, thanks to the temperature and the expanding additives effect, they are transformed in expanded granulates with high resistance.

In these backing ovens the combustion fumes and the granules go in the same direction (equi current) and so the organic fraction is burnt in optimum environment condition, minimizing the unburnt organic fraction in the fumes.

The fumes, out of the ovens, have a very high temperature (over 1100°C) and are extremely "clean": so they are an excellent heating source for the recovery systems (turbine) with co-generation of electric energy.

The LAW plants can be planned for a nearly total heat recovery both from the fumes and from the out coming products, minimizing the fuel consumption and assuring a production of electric energy to be supported to the expanded granules production.

The single LAW plants can be planned to treat from 5.000 to 150.000 ton/year of wastes even if the minimum size to guarantee a good heat recovery efficiency should be of about 30.000 ton/year.