The DIC technology consists of the product instant passage from the high temperature conditions to the vacuum high pressure.

This passage creates air pockets in the treated material without provoking it to subside, that is favourable to the traditional drying methods as more effective in the exchange thanks to the major exposed specific surface.

The process implies the cyclical repetition of the DIC decompression alternated with convection treatments by unsaturated vapours in the vacuum and allows to reduce the drying time compared to the traditional drying technologies. This process is much more efficient than the traditional methods in free water removal. During first tests performed it demonstrated the energy consume equal to 250 w for a litre of the water evaporated (3-4 times inferior compared with the traditional methods).

This process can also be carried out variable temperatures from 30 to 90 C, maintaining the treatment high energy efficiency, reduced processing time and significant advantage in the final product’s quality.

The TERMODIC process is carried out almost entirely in vacuum in the presence of vapour that prevents any possible cases of the auto combustion of the treated material. At this moment the plants that use TERMODIC process do not exist but could be schematically described as follows:

As it could be seen, the plant includes quite simple structures even if the structural profiles should be particularly accurately studied to guarantee energy flows optimal management.

The TERMODIC process represents an absolute innovation compared to the state of the art of this area and could result as the ultimate technology for numerous applications and even some applications that we cannot predict at our current level of technology.