Industrial processes

The industrial processes developed by Contento Trade are the following:

DIC Process
Preliminary treatment for the desiccation, the texturization and the debacterization of vegetable materials.

PIDIC Process
Treatment for the extraction of essential oils and active principles from vegetable materials without altering their characteristics.

Integrated process for the desiccation by the use of the instant controlled decompression cycles combined with the heat recovery with the help of the heat pump

Process for the production of lightweight aggregates of extraordinary physical-mechanical properties from combustion 
coal ashes.

LAW Process
Process for the combined production of lightweight aggregates and energy using only industrial wastes.

WBRM Process
Production of reinforcing glassy fibers from incinerator coal fly ashes and other toxic wastes.

Zincotek Process
Production of activating agents for the rubber vulcanization starting from steel making dusts.

Hivalue Process
Pollutants cold removal or immobilisation process

Arkè Method
Consolidation and restoration of archaeological waterlogged finds through starch impregnation and desiccation thermal - mechanical treatment at low temperature.