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Arkè Method

The Arkè method is an innovative process for the consolidation of waterlogged wood elements. Because of this prolonged immersion in water or mud, the wood looses great part of its cellulose content and becomes like a wet sponge, while it flakes and abnormally shrinks if is desiccated with traditional methods.

The Arkè method is based on four main phases:
  • identification of the degradation level of the wood element;
  • the wood impregnation with starch and derivatives;
  • the intermediate thermal treatment;
  • final controlled desiccation of the wood element.
With this treatment, performed with specific plant structures, the waterlogged wood obtains an aspect and physical mechanical properties similar to the ones of the wood before the long immersion and a good stability to the biological aggression is guaranteed.

The Arkè method uses starches and derivatives as impregnating agents and, thanks to their affinity to cellulose of the wood, it gives an excellent compatibility and durability of the intervention in addition to the reversibility that has no equals among the consolidation treatments actually used (es. PEG).

The Arkè method can be adapted to elements of all dimensions and any degradation level, generally characterized by shorter treatment times compared to the traditional methods and by reduced costs.