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LAW Process

The LAW process has been developed to enlarge the wastes typologies to be used in the Recbuild process that allows to obtain some aggregates with physical mechanical characteristics slightly inferior to the Recbuild ones starting from a wide waste typologies as:
  • mud from foundry casting;
  • processing granite mud;
  • foundry dust filtration;
  • tannery mud;
  • paper mud;
  • fly and bottom ash from waste incineration;
  • water treatment mud;
  • different organic wastes.
In the LAW process the production of lightweight aggregates is coupled with the production of electric power deriving from the organic fraction combustion of the used wastes.

The LAW process needs specific production plants and allows to obtain different advantages as:
  • environmental friendly recycling of special or toxic wastes mixtures, with minimum production of other working residues;
  • efficacious stabilization of heavy metals contained in the waste mixtures and complete incineration of the organic polluting elements existing in the wastes;
  • production of lightweight aggregates of good quality, with physical-mechanical characteristics slightly inferior to the expanded clay;
  • production of electric power in interesting quantities from the economical point of view.