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The Recbuild process allows to transform mixtures of wastes in lightweight granulates with excellent physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

The necessary components for the process are:
  • coal combustion ashes;
  • steel making dust;
  • expanding additive already patented.
Through a baking process at high temperature in a rotating oven it's possible to obtain grains with the following characteristics:

PropertiesAggregate 1Aggregate 2Reference norm 
Grain size0,5-4mm4-12mmUNI 7549/3
Apparent particle density 693kg/m3956kg/m3UNI 7549/5
Real density of the grains 1625kg/m31126kg/m3UNI 7549/4
Water absorption after 24 hour3,74%4,83%UNI 7549/6
Compressive (crushing) resistance 24,3MPa8,44MPaUNI 7549/7
Steam stability > 99,9%> 99,9%UNI 7549/11
Freezing/thawing resistance> 99,9%> 99,9%UNI 7549/10
Leaching tests with CO2 and acetic acidInferior to the limits of table AInferior to the limits of table ADpr 915/82

These characteristics make the obtained lightweight aggregate surely superior to the traditional expanded clay actually on the market.

Till now this process has been developed only at lab level using a electric rotative oven but in future it will be possible to produce consistent lots of these aggregates using a plant similar to the one used for the experimentation of the LAW process.