CE Marking

The European Union Construction Products Directive 89/106 (CPD) has introduced more than 20 directives setting out the product categories requiring CE marking. The essential requirements that products have to fulfill (e.g. safety) are harmonised at EU level and are set out in general terms in these directives. Harmonised European standards are issued with reference to the applied directives and express in detailed technical terms the essential requirements.

All construction products had been devised in 33 families. For each of that family the European Commission issued a mandate in a form of a thorough specification in order to request the balanced norms necessary elaboration from the CEN.

Those mandates also specify the requirements for each family that should be met in order to obtain a certificate of conformity. The European Construction Products Directive 89/106 (CPD) introduced a vast variety of harmonised standards and technical specification level for the products placed on the market.

Contento Trade is active in three Construction Products typologies:

Aggregates, Prefab natural stone products and Precast concrete.

The most commonly used certification systems for these three products types are:

System 2+

The declaration of conformity is issued by the manufacturer basing on the basic tests performed on his own account and responsibility and on the intervention of the production control supervising body conclusion.

 System 4

The declaration of conformity is issued by the manufacturer basing on the basic tests and production control performed on his own account and responsibility.

Contento Trade and partners participate in this case as the producer’s Supporting Laboratory offering the following services: 

  • Performance of all the tests required by the balanced norms;
  • Elaboration of the statistical report based on the obtained results and continuous product monitoring with the real-time access to the report;
  • Product, production and control systems technical and quality improvement consultancy relevant to the hygiene, security and environmental friendliness.
  • Assistance in the sampling planning and execution;
  • Assistance in the norms interpretation and the declaration of conformity elaboration;
  • Assistance and intermediation in the interactions with the clients, designers, work direction and Public Administration.


This turnkey product is extremely useful as for small-scale producers that usually have no spare time to optimally fallow product marking, as for medium to large-scale producers that could significantly reduce personnel engagement in the processes documentation management that could increase control system efficiency. 

Apart from that, Contento Trade have designed specific services destined for the recycled aggregates that, thanks to a new European norm, could be used in a vast variety of works in the future and becoming an object of close interest from the major producers.