Consulting services

Contento Trade can suggest and advice the producing companies (mainly in the metallurgic, agro-food, wood, building and manufacturing sectors) on which could be the suitable actions to simply improve both their environmental image and minimize the real problems that the production can cause to the environment.

With a minimum investment, the company that applies to Contento Trade can reach the maximum result in terms of solution to its environmental problems, offering at the same time an image of modernity and seriousness towards the environment both to Institutions and to the clients.

The instruments with which Contento trade analyzes the companies situation are:
  • Analysis on the spot of the situation and of the production cycle connected to the activity of the client.
  • Redaction of an ecobalance to examine in detail the company situation, the air emissions and the quantity of the produced wastes, the typologies of used materials and their origin. The conclusions that it's possible to understand from the ecobalance suggest which can be the best ways that allow the firm to obtain environmental advantages. To the environmental advantages also the economical advantages are automatically connected (a good environmental image can make the access to grants easier, can reduce the insurance costs, can bring to a costs rationalization, etc..).
  • Individuation of the critical areas in the production cycle and proposal of cleaner technologies optimal for the resolution of the environmental problems. Suggestions on the possibilities of reuse, recycle and valorization of the produced scraps as alternative to dumping.
  • Elaboration of some advice as integrated operative proposal to obtain a "cleaner" company image and/or an effective environmental improvement of the production process.