Waste valorization

Since the laws for the European Landfill Directive application in Italy came into force, it caused great economical difficulties for the waste producers.

Contento Trade offers the producers an interesting alternative to the landfill: waste valorization.

The waste valorization requests the change of attitude on producer’s hand, who should begin considering the waste as a part of the productive cycle.

 The valorization process is effectuated in three stages:

  1. Possible ways of valorization mapping;
  2. Operational strategy definition;
  3. Application development. 

Contento Trade developed the series of technologies that allow not only to close the productive cycle in various industries without creating solid or liquid waste, but to create the products of the additional value.

The investments required by the Contento Trade technologies are often facilitated thanks to the environmental benefits.  

The idea behind these technologies presume an economical auto sufficiency and highlights that the valorization process should be economically convenient in respect to the current landfill discharge costs and should permit a full payback in less than 5 years.